Core Technologies

Detection platforms such as immunochromatography, antibody generation technology, and high-sensitivity detection technology are our core technologies. Through the development and fusion of these technologies, we focus on research and development that creates original diagnostic reagents. We consistently strive to develop new diagnostic fields and pursue innovation in testing and inspection technologies by improving our core technologies and integrating new findings.

Detection Platform

Utilizing the knowledge and experience we have accumulated through decades of experience in immunochromatography, we are proceeding with research and development of new detection platforms with the advantages of speed and simplicity. To meet medical needs, we are also developing detection systems that combine specialized measuring equipment.

Principle of Immunochromatography

Antibody Generation Technology

We have established a technology for generating mouse monoclonal antibodies to obtain high-quality antibodies by selecting antigens for immunization and optimizing immunization methods. We are also developing methods for producing antibodies artificially by obtaining antibody genes from antibody-producing cells.

High-Sensitivity Detection Technology

Platinum-gold colloids enable high-sensitivity in immunochromatography. Furthermore, by applying new optical detection devices, we are developing methods for higher detection sensitivity. To increase the detection sensitivity, we need to not only develop labeling substances, but also improve the performance of antibodies used. By combining our core technologies, we have achieved high sensitivity detection.

Platinum-Gold Colloid Technology

Instead of the gold colloid (red color) used in conventional immunochromatography, we have developed our proprietary black “platinum-gold colloid” with high-visibility and applied it to our ImunoAce/Capilia product series. It is also known affectionately as the “black line.” A black platinum colloid is applied to the surface of a gold colloid to create a labeling substance with improved visibility and characteristics of gold colloid, which goes well with an antibody as a labeling substance for immunochromatography.

Black Line

Test and control lines are displayed in highly visible black lines using our proprietary “platinum-gold colloid” nanotechnology.

*The photo of the test plate shows a positive test result for Influenza A virus antigen.

From left to right: Aqueous dispersion of platinum-gold colloid, Aqueous dispersion of gold colloid (large particles), Aqueous dispersion of gold colloid (small particles)