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Our mission is to offer people reassurance and comfort in their daily lives through the manufacture and supply of unique in vitro diagnostics and analytical reagents created through the accumulation of diverse analytical technologies.
Our company shall continue to develop novel products and make ongoing efforts to improve quality so as to deliver products satisfactory to our patients in compliance with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and other regulations.


June, 1987 Founded in Numazu, Shizuoka to launch businesses that cover the research and development of in vitro diagnostics (IVDs), research reagents and analytical reagents, and relevant system development.
November, 1987 Opened the Tokyo office and launched sales operations.
April, 1994 Opened the new headquarters office in Kozuwa, Numazu
February, 2001 Constructed the Numazu IVD factory in Kozuwa, Numazu
August, 2007 Relocated the headquarters office to Futaba-cho, Numazu
May, 2012 Constructed the Kamishima IVD factory in Kamishima, Izunokuni
July, 2012 Relocated the headquarters office to Kamishima, Izunokuni
July, 2012 Obtained ISO 13485 Certificate
July, 2016 Established the new Research and Development department (R&D dept.)
February, 2019 Opened the new Tokyo Office in Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
April, 2020 Opened the new R&D Center in Shimizu-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka

Our business

  1. Research and Development of pharmaceutical, in vitro diagnostics, cosmetics and food products utilizing technologies
  2. Manufacture and sales of intermediates of the above products
  3. Contracted research
  4. Consultation on technology development and product development
  5. Import and export of pharmaceuticals, in vitro diagnostics, cosmetics, veterinary products,quasi drugs, medical devices, etc.
  6. Others

Our company

Company TAUNS Laboratories, Inc.
Address 761-1, Kamishima,
Izunokuni, Shizuoka 410-2325 Japan MAP
TEL: +81(0)558-99-9911 FAX: +81(0)558-76-0022
Paid-in Capital 16,600,000yen
Foundation June, 1987
Directors President: Masaki Nonaka
Account day June 30


TAUNS Laboratories, Inc., Kamishima Plant

Address: 761-1, Kamishima, Izunokuni, Shizuoka 410-2325 Japan
Tel: +81(0)558-99-9911 / Fax: +81(0)558-76-0022